Embedded Excel Data Analysis

There’s a lot of buzz about “Big Data” and “Business Intelligence” (BI).

It’s a hot space, and for good reason. Your customers know there’s valuable information buried in their data – the data they’ve generated with your software. And they want a better way to analyze, share, and report on that data.

desktopYou’re not in the business of business intelligence. It’s a quickly evolving space and it’s too hard and expensive to keep up. But that doesn’t mean you have to sit idly by while your customers spend their BI dollars elsewhere. Or, worse yet, ditch your application for one that has better built-in reporting and BI capabilities.

Generate new recurring revenue without a major investment of time or dollars
Keep your existing customers because they get more value from your solution
Win new customers by having superior analysis and reporting capabilities

Contact us to learn how easily SIFT will integrate into your application so you can cash in on BI while making your customers happy. It’s a win win.